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Malibu Dive Sites

Leo Carrillo

Leo Carrillo has diverse sea life and is a good spot for night dives. You can also lobster hunt here. Be on the look out for Bay Rays and sharks. The kelp forest and reef have are vibrant with sea life from 15-30 feet deep. 

You and your dive buddy can partner with sea lion while you watch for an octopus. 

Point Dume

This advanced diver dive site boasts large fish, seals, and sea lions. Guage the swells closely and enter near the rock climbing walls. Have your snorkel ready, the surface swim out and back is long (up to 30 minutes). There is also often a strong current.

Watch your depth here. While the canyon drops deeply, do not dive deeper than your comfort level. We caution dives past 60 feet here. 

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