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San Diego County

Scripps Canyon

Be ready for Wolf Eels, Jellyfish, Rockfish, and Morays here. Most sea life here is between 70-100 feet deep. Since this site offers three areas (North, Sumnar, and South branches) you can dive here often and have amazing experiences. 

While you can park and walk from Scripp's Pier, it is far easier to pay for parking at Seaducers Club. 

We do not recommend this site for beginners. 

La Jolla Cove

La Jolla Cove's sea life in their kelp forest almost makes you forget your frustrations over parking here. The stairs take you to a sandy beach entry. While you will see the most sea life between 10-40 feet here, we do not recommend that you dive deeper than 45 feet at this site. 

Depending on the season, you'll find Horn Sharks, Large Black Sea Bass, Bat Rays, Leopard Sharks, and Barracuda.

La Jolla Shores

At La Jolla Shores you can view amazing sea life between 20-60 feet deep. But it does take a lengthy surface swim to get out to the reef. Once to the wall, we recommend going north. Be careful if you go south as it gets deep and is only recommended for advanced divers with deep diving experience. 

This site is rich in Horn and Angel Sharks, Bat Rays, Octopus, Lobsters, Gobies, Halibut, and more. 

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