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Los Angeles County

Veteran's Park

Veteran's Park Dive Site is in Redondo Beach and is a popular dive site in Los Angeles. It is also great for deep and night diving. 

Be prepared for metered parking. 

The stairs to the beach are located at  309 Esplanade in Redondo Beach.

Malaga Cove

Malaga Cove has a kelp forest and rocky structures, so it is a great place to see a lot of fish. Currents are usually low and there is a rocky or sandy entry point. 

While there is plenty of parking, be ready for the trek back off the beach.... it is a tough one. 

Old Marineland

While getting to and from this dive site can be brutal, it is one of the best reef's in SoCal. There is a rocky entry point and a decent swim to the reef so this site is not best for beginners. 

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