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Orange County

Cleo Street/

This wreck dive site is off of the PCH at Cleo Street. There are stairs down to the beach but you cannot park at the stairs (that is a private street). Be mindful that the bottom stairs can be very sandy due to tides. 

This marine sanctuary is great for beginners. 

Crescent Bay

This is a favorite of Sea Stallion Scuba divers and where we take our students for beach dives. With two rocky structures, it is rich in sea life. Parking along the stairs fills up early so plan ahead or carpool. 

There is a sandy beach entry and large rocks along the beach if you want to put on your tank/BC once on the beach. Be aware, there are 90 stairs! But there are spots to take a breath on your way up or down.

Shaw's Cove

One of the most well known site for beach dives in Laguna, Shaw's Cove is rich in sea life and easy to get in and out of the water. Like Crescent, street parking fills up early. Try to park near Fairview Street & Cliff Drive. 

This site has kelp, swim-throughs, reef, and a small cave.

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