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Ready to take the plunge and start scuba diving ?  Becoming a Diver will forever change the way you view the world. You will get to explore a peaceful underwater world filled with colorful marine life and breathtaking landscapes. It is an incredible lifelong adventure and anyone from age 10 can learn to dive, making this safe fun sport ideal for the whole family. Learning to dive is much easier than you think, and the globally recognized Open Water Diver program is the best way to learn.


This course requires you to purchase the SSI Digital Online Kit. 


It does not include personal gear or any Boat dives. Please call for details.

Additional fee for Children under 15 years.


Please call 949-699-3600 to schedule an Orientation that needs to be completed before your first class/pool.

Open Water Diver Course

$575.00 Regular Price
$189.00Sale Price
  • Includes: 2 days Classroom/Pool and 4 Open water beach dives.

    All students are required to purchase the Digital Online Kit.

    Basic gear is required for all students

    When you purchase all your basic gear (mask, snorkel, fins, boots, gloves, and SMB), through the store $70 of the online fee will be credited towards your purchase.

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