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It’s the experience of a lifetime! There is nothing like it. Whether you want to swim with colorful fish, explore century old wrecks, or observe rays up close, scuba diving has it all.  e the training at your pace and at home.  It's easy! It's Online!

Welcome to the spectacular underwater world. By learning to scuba dive, you will be able to cross over into a new dimension of the Earth's many beautiful offerings, as well as a new dimension of your life's experiences.

Three-fourth of our planet is under water. These underwater regions can be enchanting, but because they are out of the human's natural element, the potential for hazards should be appreciated. Recreational scuba diving is easy, fun, and enjoyable, but it must be taken seriously. The skills needed to master scuba diving are not difficult to learn, but must be learned well and practiced responsibly. Responsible divers must make efforts to keep proficient in the skills of diving.

At Sea Stallion, we use the Scuba Schools International Training Standards and Guidelines. This allows the student to expect state-of-the-art training materials, quality programs and equipment, and quality instruction.

Decades of experience have taught us that there are four requirements to serious diving and serious fun. There is a strong correlation between the quality of your training and the amount of fun you will have.

Proper Knowledge
There are certain diving skills that must be learned. With a professional teaching system, you can study the information at your own pace. An instructor is always available for assistance.



Proper Equipment
The most comfortable, convenient and enjoyable way to dive is with your own set of properly-fitted equipment. As you become familiar with your equipment, your ability level increases. Annual servicing assures your equipment’s performance and minimizes malfunctions.
Proper Skills
You must develop ability with basic scuba skills, such as moving in the water and equipment handling. The best way to learn is from a qualified instructor at a professional scuba school. Review and practice time reinforces the skills


Proper Experience
While education helps develop knowledge and skills, the key to becoming a comfortable and confident diver is simply to dive as much as possible. Your experience and ability increase as you seek out different diving locations, meet new friends, have new adventures and explore new worlds. That is why SSI’s motto is “Serious Diving, Serious Fun

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