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Laura Brugger, Advanced Open Water Instructor

Whether it’s Scuba diving, cooking, photography, or just enjoying time with family and friends, Laura  is known for her heart and commitment.  The first to arrive and the last to leave each Saturday, most of us would balk at that schedule as too much work.  But for Laura, Saturdays are a day to look forward to.  After all, it’s a day filled with teaching others, enjoying time with friends, and of course diving. 

Under the watchful eye of her parents Merle and Karen, Laura learned to swim as young child in Madison, Wisconsin. From then on, life in the Manion household centered around the water with summers spent at the family cabin in northern Wisconsin. As an adult, Laura pursued her passion for hobbies such as swimming, marathoning, cooking, gardening, and photography – excelling at each. In January 1998, Scuba was added to the top of the list when Laura received her Open Water Diver certification. And since then, with her husband Ron who is a Sea Stallion Dive Control Specialist and Chief Engineer, she has been diving almost every weekend since and has amassed more than 200 dives. 

Laura received her Open Water Instructor rating in October 2000 and has since taught hundreds of students. Whether in the classroom, at the pool, or in the ocean, Laura is known for her reassuring nature, enthusiasm, and ability to build confidence in her students. Former student Sue Douglass had this to say about Laura. “Laura is an outstanding instructor – knowledgeable and patient in her instruction. She was very good at calming any fears I may have had. I felt very comfortable with her and continue to be so as diving is an ongoing learning experience for me.” 

An avid scholar, Laura shares her life experiences through the many stories and literary quotes she provides for the Sea Stallion newsletter. When asked her own thoughts on teaching, she responded “I particularly enjoy teaching because I have always believed that we should constantly stretch ourselves and advance our minds by learning new things; sometimes that comes from being the student and sometimes that comes from being the teacher. Sharing what we know to those who are interested in learning is highly rewarding. I believe that learning to dive is considered to be a "life goal" by many people and I get off on the idea that I'm making a difference in someone's life by being part of that goal.”

In addition to Open Water Diving, Laura teaches Enriched Air/Nitrox, Dry Suit and Photography specialty courses. Laura is known for talent as an underwater photographer with many of her works displayed on the Sea Stallion walls. She also coordinates the Sea Stallion local and international dive trips, as well as, store events.

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